Information Security.

Security Consultation, Assessment, Implementation, Monitoring.

Are your business processes and systems secured?

Information security is an increasingly important issue that must be addressed when running a business, large or small. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the cornerstones of an information security model.

Confidentiality: Business and consumer data must only be available to those who need it within the organization and protected from theft from outside the organization. If a compromise does occur, sales can be negatively impacted with the loss of consumer trust. 
Integrity: Your business and customer data consistency and accuracy must be preserved so you can run your businesses. Protecting your data from accidental or malicious manipulation is crucial to your business success. 
Availability: In order to keep your business running, computer networks and systems must be available, with minimal chance of disruption so that you can carry out your business goals, maximizing sales and minimizing expenditures.

LAYERc will work with you to understand information security risks within your computer network and across your business processes. Upon assessing your technology implementation, LAYERc consultants will provide hard recomendations on how to increase the level of security to protect your business data and customer information.